Reconcile OpenAjax Metadata for Use With AMD/Module Specs

For the Maqetta Designer project, we use OpenAjax Metadata (OAM) to provide information about the widgets that can be dropped on the page – mainly the widget content, required resources and properties.

We stick to the spec and keep the metadata files “toolkit-agnostic”, by storing Maqetta-specific widget metadata elsewhere. Ideally, another product that implemented the OAM spec could make use of our metadata files.

Lately, though, we’ve started to transition to using the AMD loader for Dojo 1.7; and we found that the existing OAM files didn’t really work that well with AMD.

For that reason, we had to deviate from the OAM spec and add extensions to support AMD and other module specs.  Read on here for a detailed explanation of the changes and some examples.

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