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javier@pedemonte.us       https://github.com/jhpedemonte


18 years experience working on full-stack and emerging technologies, with particular emphasis on user interface and user experience (UI/UX). Recent work has included use of Polymer/Web Components, Node.js/Express, React, Jupyter Notebooks, Test Driven Development.


Software Developer, IBM; Austin, TX — 1999-Present

Lead UI Developer, “Blackbox” Machine Learning Service, 2016-2017

Designed and built user experience for service which allows non-data-scientist developers to easily use ML as REST APIs. Built modular/extendable UI using Polymer/Web Components, communicating with Docker-based services.

Chat-bot Hack-a-thon 2016

Built Slack-bot which analyzed links in Slack rooms and suggested additional reading. Used Watson text analysis services to compare and match concepts, in order to suggest links.

Lead Developer, Dynamic Dashboards for Jupyter Notebooks, 2015-2016

Created Node.js/Express-based server to securely render Jupyter Notebooks as an interactive dashboard web-app. Work involved proxying WebSocket message between server and Jupyter Kernel. Built Jupyter plugin to package and upload Notebooks to dashboards server.
(https://github.com/jupyter/dashboards, https://github.com/jupyter-incubator/dashboards_server)

UI Developer, Line-of-Business-User Focused Analytics Suite, 2015

Led UI/UX direction/architecture for an Analytics Suite geared towards less-technical users, focused around an interactive editor with integrated data analytics and dataset management, built on Apache Spark. Identified maintainability issues with codebase and led investigation into creating more modular code based on React.js.

Lead Developer, Portal UI for IBM Bluemix, 2014

Created Dojo-based UI for managing CloudFoundry-based backend. Focus on defining architecture, increasing app performance and automated testing.

Lead Developer, Cloud-based Analytics Tool POC, 2013

Helped re-architect UI for LOB users on existing Hadoop-based analytics app. Built Node.js POC using Express to deliver our client code, but proxy to existing app.

Lead Developer, Maqetta Designer, 2010-2013

Led creation of browser-based WYSIWYG visual authoring tool for HTML5 web apps (desktop/mobile). Designed and built client-side code (JS) to integrate different JS toolkits, based on OpenAjax Metadata; implemented UI based on Dojo/Dijit; created model & logic to handle authored HTML files. Integrated with Eclipse Orion server, using Java servlets/filters, concentrating on security aspects.

Lead Developer, OpenAjax Hub, 2008-10

Core contributor to OpenAjax Hub 2.0 & Metadata specs. Wrote Hub 2.0 reference implementation. Built widget loader library based on Metadata spec and Dojo-based mashup sample that used both Hub and widget loader. Integrated Hub 2.0 API and implementation into OpenSocial spec & Shindig releases.

Core Developer, Ajax Toolkit Framework, 2006-07

Integrated browser and JS debugger into Eclipse IDE, using JavaXPCOM.

Core Developer, Firefox, 2000-07

Created JavaXPCOM component, allowing Java to communicate with the browser. Integrated XULRunner into Eclipse SWT using JavaXPCOM.

Led porting of Firefox web browser to work on OS/2.


University of Texas, Austin — Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, 1999